Scott Toepfer grew up in Southern California, and was raised by a Midwestern family. He has a deep passion for photography and film and has traveled the world shooting stills and live-action film for major brands including Adidas, Chevrolet, Dodge, Iron & Resin, Sapporo, Discovery Channel, Allstate and Harley Davidson. In a word, Scott's style of directing is ‘immersive.’ Inspired by the mid-century New York street photographers, Scott has always put the camera right into the middle of the action, rather than at a distance. ‘It’s the way the viewer becomes invested in the story and feels like he or she knows the characters,” he notes. When Scott isn’t shooting, he is raising his young son on the beach and tinkering with old cars and motorcycles in his garage. Scott has a hard time staying in once place for too long; you are just as likely to catch him on the road as you are at home.