Jessica Benzing & Maximilian Gerlach, are KRONK, a directing duo from the North of Germany. They joined forces and studied at the University of Film and Television Munich where they directed their first commercial for Sony Ericsson, which was honored with a series of awards. KRONCK is known for their youthful and dynamic style, authentic casting, eye-catching visual language, music choices, luminous humor, and great choreography. Yes, all of that. If they are not on set, they spend most of their time planning their own remote island getaway, sitting in dark cinemas or wondering about people with normal jobs. KRONCK speaks German and English fluently, some Spanish, a bit of French and even some Latin though not typically used in a single conversation. Shortlisted for Cannes Lions, and honored with Effies, and the New German Directors Showcase, we could well say: If it is KRONK, it’s exceptional.