Originally from the OUTBACK of Northern Australia, I grew up fortunate to develop a love and respect for the Australian bush and for our Aboriginal culture.

When I was 15, in 1985, my film and TV teacher at high school asked me what I wanted to do with my life??? Strangely enough, I KNEW. I told him that I wanted to make documentaries that highlighted famine and poverty in Africa!

Ten years later I was directing and shooting a documentary in the Mathare slums of Nairobi Kenya.

I began working in television, radio, film and ‘content’ production in January 1987. Since then, I have travelled to over 40 countries: producing, directing, shooting and editing documentaries, commercials, corporate films, factual series and international programs for the HYUNDAI, AT&T, ROLEX, NIKE, BBC, NBC, DISCOVERY, TOYOTA, DISNEY & NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC.

One memorable early experience working in Radio journalism, I had the honor to be one of the first teams to interview Nelson Mandela just after his release from prison – that was a great honor and massive inspiration for my life going forward. My first overseas assignment was a documentary in Chile. We were covering the first democratic elections since the brutal Pinochet regime. I was ‘famously’ run over by Pinochet as his limousine sped away from the ceremonial hand over of power. I was dubbed “the last victim of Pinochet” by the Chilean press.

I LOVE great stories, and working with ‘real people’ to uncover ‘their story’, and help to portray their story as honestly and compassionately as I can.

I have a calm disposition, am gregarious, empathetic and very passionate about my work. I get along with people well and can get the best out of everyone on set.I love human connections and the great potential for our visual story telling medium to be the conduit for human connection. Especially the potential of social media to propel great messages and inspire others. My broad and vast experience and ‘skill set’ fits nicely into the current ‘production paradigm.’ I am very comfortable and confident in research and pre-production, as I am with Directing talent and ‘real people’. Equally, I can operate camera as well, IF the ‘story’ requires that approach.

On a personal note, I love meditation, reggae music, LOVE being in nature, and I love spending quality time with my wife and three young kids...